Closed Loop Packaging Solution

Ambrosia has chosen to transition to glass packaging for our concentrate containers over the next two years.  In the meantime, we offer closed loop packaging as an incentive to help use reduce the one-use plastics!  Since the beginning, we've been committed to reuse especially in our dispensers, and now we've found a way to reduce waste in our concentrates as well.  

Please send an email through our website and I'll send you our mailing address, or you can find us at a local market in Southern California (Redlands/Yucaipa), and drop off your empties!  

We would love to offer you either 10% off your next purchase or a free concentrate after you return our refills to us!  

Thanks for your patience and support as we find ways to become more eco-friendly and sustainable as a company.  Together, small changes can make a big impact.