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Family Size: Lemonade Soap Concentrate, Glass Packaging

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16 ounces, 8 refills!

Summertime is a state of mind, and here's your lovely lemonade as a sidekick! 16 ounces. 

2 ounce concentrate creates 8 ounces of foaming hand soap.


Organic coconut oil, Organic sunflower seed oil, and/or safflower oil, Potassium Hydroxide*, Essential oils, Castor Seed Oil, Citric Acid, Rosemary Flower Extract. *No potassium hydroxide in finished product

  • Simplicity

    Our soap concentrates are compact and convenient, making ambrosia an ideal option for the minimalist looking for convenience. Never add soap to your grocery list again, and reduce your waste with our reusable dispensers!